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1:34Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker "Generations" Saga Trailer
3:45Django Unchained (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Style)
2:30PETER - Spider-Man Trailer (Logan Style)
PETER - Spider-Man Trailer (Logan Style)Peržiūros 5mlnPrieš 2 metus
6:28Darth Vader Remembers Anakin Skywalker (Flashbacks)


  • TF is this?!?

  • They'll fight for 7 minutes and stop once they realize that both their moms are named Martha.

  • He would have been good as Terry (Batman Beyond). I just can't picture him as Bruce's Batman.

  • Seeing Pattinson's face here & still he just look like Edward to me I can't move on

  • 0:50 rouge one quotes

  • if i was anakin i would have kill darth dialouts

  • Whose going to play Batman next? Miley Cyrus? I guess they don’t want to go back toward manly so probably not lol

  • Go ! BATMAN

  • Is this real?

  • He is way to much of a Pu$$y to be Batman, come on people nobody wants to see this BI7CH

  • What's so bad about the Russians?!?!?!

  • Cool!

  • Anyone else heard Darth Vader's background tune in here?


  • A choose your character screen has never been so appealing

  • I mostly hear hate towards loppet and such channels. Yet many seem to give them free marketing, very fascinating!

  • Mads Mikkelsen should be Deathstroke, and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor in this universe.

  • Give him the hi tech white eyes!

  • Swearing in the first 10 seconds. No way. Bale forever

  • Godzilla godzilla🐊

  • Oh.... No.....Batman Is supposed to be a bad ass, not a silly, mushy vampire! Definitely won’t watch it anyway. What’s next, Peewee Herman as the Terminator? At least Adam West didn’t have to see this.

  • 1:13 aparecía jupiter de carton xD

  • Like=Prequels Reply=Sequels

  • Is this real

  • Christian Bale is Bruce Wayne. DC comics is Gotham... Batman, Gotham needs you!

  • If joker ain’t in here I give up

  • Sorry but i don’t like the mask, and i still think is to skinny

  • Vader musix

  • Ben Affleck is The Best Batman To Date.

  • Darth Wayne...sorry music reminds me something else 😂

  • 😂😭

  • Que Batman Tan FFFeo🤒🤒🤒🤒😤😤😢😭😭😭

  • Woah they kida look like the same person

  • 😣😣😣

  • he looks like the owl guy from Watchmen

  • Grant is goated come on now

  • The first part is zoom

  • Que gana de Verla, la película.

  • Me encanta que Robert sea batman lo amooamooooooooooooooooolo espero con ansias

  • is that he was the twilight actor, I think he is not a good actor

  • Over here talking about godzilla gon win,no bitch they said it was a tie

  • Yall put kong as comment and godzilla as likes knowing damn well people ain’t gon comment cause its to much,petty

  • I thought it was daredevil for a second.

  • It sounds more like Chopin's Funeral March to me, than Imperial March. If you ask me, this teaser resembles to me The Undertaker character from wwe

  • I think it wouldn't be a bad idea if this new movie the villain was Joe Chill (the criminal who killed Bruce's parents). The story would be about Bruce, already Batman, to make Joe's life a nightmare for him to repent for what he did that night. It could be the most emotional and intense Batman movie ever made.

  • Maby they are going to LV 178. Maby this is the mining colony from Aliens out of the shaddows.?

  • And the title is : batman on coke

  • Terrible choice!! Robert Pattinson!!

    • Jack Torrance how

  • So basically, Hamburger?

  • Looks like a batman who would still obey the law

  • cringe

  • This happened because when superman was racing the flash he basically created a nuke just like matpat said but I guess he just Time traveled or something

  • Too much of his jaw is exposed, need more mask.

  • Davy Jones kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • From vampiro to bat

  • Godzilla vs Kingkong #KhushalAgnihotri

  • I mean we are also getting Black Adam and Suicide Squad the same year as this

  • Это фиаско

  • End Star Wars Darth Vader is anakin please stop make movie Rey last jebi anakin want my brother last jebi Darth Vader make this movie no Rey stay baby with mom and dad forever movie Star Wars rise off skywalker turn movie off mode last name skywalker anakin and Luke skywalker Michael skywalker

  • they did not even buff him up for the role

  • STUPID pattinson ! BATFUCK costume !!

  • From Twilight to Batman... Well done, Robert ;)

  • Nobody said that music remind soundtrack Imperial March from Star Wars

  • I am beyond excited Robert is a phenomenal actor

  • We want a cool teaser for batman Put him under a red bulb and zoom. 😑🙄

  • I soooooooo soooooooo want to see this movie made I would pay what ever to see it 100 % I hope they change there mind and make the movie for us give the people what we want .

  • Not going to lie but he should play as batman beyond

  • Got Daredevil vibes

  • They need to make a batman beyond series or knight wing @ this point. Cmon!!!

  • He better do good

  • At this point I'm not mad at the cast decision, let's remember we thought the exact same thing with Affleck with the exact same character. We are not in 1997 people, actors do care about the character now!

  • The music is great, though those drum beats are kind of poky, they can lose those or make them heavier (but not louder). I love the swelling trumpet at the end, I hope that really develops in the film. The suit looks cool. Not keen on the casting though, for other characters as well. Zoe Kravitz is a great choice for Catwoman though, and the Riddler actor seems suitable. Bryan Cranston needs to be Gordon at some point, they should've cast him.

  • You will be always boy from Tatuine...

  • Well it looks like any other DC product, the lighting is to dark to tell what is going on.

  • Music sounds like it’s building up to the classic Danny elfman Batman theme

  • Bruce Wayne needs to get down the gym

  • There’s something ‘Darth Vader’ about the music and red lighting I love it

  • From vampire to batman. Ok thats make sense.

  • This suit is SOOO SEXY!!! Better than the others.

  • mari kita kebioskop

  • i love batman but i will not see this shitbag in this character

  • Naaah Christian bale is much better...I will miss him

  • a king would never and ever, gonna win against the god

  • Robert Battinson

  • is it true that interstellar will be continued?

  • The nose gives away his identity.

  • Hopefully his cape doesn't get stuck in a jet turbine. A wise woman once said "NO CAPES!!"

    • Incog Spectator Useful Video:

    • E D N A M O D E

  • Sigue pareciendo crepúsculo.

  • I don't understand why DC has such a hard time doing this character. The music sounds great, Patterson looks good but that suit looks odd. What's with the thing on his chest?

    • @Solomon Kane or it is a soiecal batrang for a suicide mission by batman

    • @John Martin OK that makes sense, maybe an odd place to put it but still EZ access I suppose.

    • It is a batrang most probably

  • Sad memories:)

  • İ hope they wont kill them

  • Stupid this is from king of the monsters

  • When it hit 0:37 I wanted to cry


  • Christian is lyk batman forever🤟

  • 🤢🤮🤮 just no

  • Русские есть? Ааа???

  • Hey Rob what's next? Rob: Uhm, Dracula I suppose..

  • Omg , I can't wait for the epic battle for GodZilla Vs KingKong

  • I only see Loki vs Godzilla vs Kong