LeBron Triple Double OT Win vs Nuggets! 2019-20 NBA Season

Paskelbta 13 Vas 2020
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  • He did not take his ankles

  • that was a ankle breaker

  • Ankle Breaker! Not a Foul

  • 2019-2020 NBA Debut in the Playoffs West 1. Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso And Troy Daniels there see they made a Playoffs Debut and the Lakers First Time Since 2013. End of the Playoff Missed is Over 2. Luka Doncic and Kristaps Prozingis with the Mavs there made the Playoffs Debut. For the first time since 2016 3. Memphis Grizzlies there Number 8 Seed in the Western Conference Standings Rookie Ja Morant is first Rookie on the Game the Grizzlies made the Playoffs? First time Since 2017 East 1. Miami Heat now there Playoffs hunt first time Since 2018 2. Brooklyn Nets there 2 Straight to the Playoffs face the Number 2 Seed The Defending NBA World Championship the Toronto Raptors

  • Chris smoove should be a guest announcer for the celebrity game

  • 💪💪💪

  • Can you tell us a prediction for the playoffs

  • LeBron needs to call Bosley if he wants to keep his hair

  • Caruso carried the lakers

  • #BBN

  • Its screen yo

  • Lebrons bald spot is making me mad

  • #Sammydee G to da A remix🕪🔥

  • It’s an ankle breaker

  • Who else read it wrong and thought it was triple, double, OT? 6 OT's 😱

  • Murray need to be in jail for that murder!!!! RIP ankles


  • The outro music really fits well

  • Lebron is really on the lakers wow🥴


  • the refs sucked

  • In 2k I’ll bench Lebron second and third quarters & then destroy everyone in the fourth with him

  • I'm just happy lebron didn't try to hit a 3 on the last second.

  • He got Avery's ankles, we got the W 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • SMOOVE, WHY you didnt include that dunk lebron had that was hard af. the bench players came onto the court.?????????????????

  • Lebron is a goat, but he needs to really shave his head now. That shit is literally falling off now lol.

  • Shotclock cheese!!!

  • I think he Avery slipped I don’t think he got broken


  • Zion is hiding from u. Hope u find him soon

  • Mut video Chris??

  • Wasn't Double OT

  • ankle breaker - comment!!

  • LeTurnover

  • that was an ankle breaker imo

  • How u show highlights to a close game and stop at a tied score with 3 min left?

  • 0:38 That’s some CHEEESE 🧀

  • Bullying the joker 💪🏽

  • AFTER!!!!!!! That’s was just Smooveeee!

  • Avery just slipped, shoes have bad traction i guess or the floor was slippery

  • I think Lebron is under appreciated

  • Not a ankle breaker

  • Clippers in 6

  • ankle breaker

  • Haven't seen dwight that happy in a long time

  • I miss Lebrons' signature tomahawk slam

  • 2 minute video for Chris Smoove? *NOW THATS SOME CHEESE* 🧀🧀🧀

  • Triple OT?

  • 1:02 is that a double dribble?

  • Anyone read the title and thought the game went to double OT

  • whenever you say "SHOT CLOCK CHEESE" i smile

  • Playoff lebron🔥🔥🔥

  • Dumbass laker fan at 1:25 celebrating a player on his own team getting his ankles broken. Lakers fans are a joke.

  • C'mon Smoove, you ended that video on a weird note man


  • I'm just glad Lebron took the last shot at the buzzer for once lol.... #MambaMentially

  • He steps fine then his foot slips idk

  • 1:23 why a lakers fan cheering 😂


  • *That ending was cheese!*