Paskelbta 12 Vas 2020
The only Japanese food I've had is Sushi. Today we try fermented fish in a water bag. 👍
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  • Nice lyft snus papanomaly.

  • 10:24 what the fuck happened

  • Was watching this while eating ramen. Was nice experience, good video :D

  • 9:41 When you nut but she keeps sucking

  • How Anomaly orgasms 9:35

  • why is no one talking about about avacadoo 1:32

  • 13:36 2 girls

  • My boi didn’t realize you gotta cook tofu with something to give it flavor 😂

  • 7:16 it literally looks like a soap bar

  • You have to try south African snacks! BILTONG is a must

  • Papanomaly sounds like Tony Erwing from lets dance

  • Va fan ha du lyft för sluta för fan

  • 1:35 Papa Anomaly is literally Dumbledore:" Hmm yes mr Harry Potter. Those are some amazing chips, 5 points for Gryffindor"

  • Try lithuanian food

  • 9:35 - 9:56 *me in toilet after week of not pooping.* 9:57 - 10:00 *me when i’m done*

  • 12:45 i thought he said "my own ass" 😂

  • Anomaly: So are these fake SUPREME shoes The guy who made the shoes: 12:03

  • 5:09 "It's so fucking disgusting" 1 minute later. 6:16 Proceeds to drink again.

  • 8:45 Papanomaly taking a snus to get stoned ahahaha

  • 15:07 the karma:D

  • 8:47 what did papa anomaly put in his mouth ?

  • When anomaly drink the oden (basically like a stew or something like it) YOU NEED TO BOIL IT CUZ IT'S STILL RAW

  • 8:45 dont mind if i pop a snus with papa

    • Lyft aswell man of culture i see

  • Stackars städaren på det hotelet:P

  • I see you have upped your editing

  • 8:48 papa shoving up some snus

  • this better get likes or i will glitch ur yt >:)

  • 9:41 it sounds like he's busting a fat one

  • stop Eating Things from the Ocean!!!

  • When you are at the quiz and they ask you who is the son of God 9:06

  • next try chinese coronovirus

  • 9:38 "the demons are comeing out" XD

  • **Corona virus has joined the chat**

  • 9:42 when he nuts

  • You ate the tofu wrong - you have to demoist it via wraping it in paper and pushing on it, than season it and than cook it whit soy sauce.

  • The video starts with an autistic bird peep

  • 7:23 Me trying trying my own food

  • 11:13 öörörgghhhpttffff looks like tampon from the arse, hyi vittu!

  • I thought he sad puna instead of tuna

  • next drunk unboxing throw the jägermeister away and get the STROH 80

  • Show us your face please

  • Its corona time

  • Hard for japanese food big boy!!??@

  • 6:44 i watch your shit when i am Drunk you make me puked all over my Setup ;D

  • This video was something between ebola and corona virus.

  • "We will eat some japanese food" *Takes Doritos*

  • Sometimes papa looks like a James from Metallica

  • 9:45 diareha .mp3

  • Tell me im not the only scandinavian understanding everything they say

  • 9:34 fuckin Elvis 😂

  • Try north korean food...... oh wait

  • *comes to my crush’s house* Crush: “so what do you wanna do?” Me: 1:26

  • Anomaly ob helium shounds like fkn Gru

  • how old is he

  • 5:44 wtf did papanomaly say lol?

  • PLS... Do nose reveal....

  • Hmm papa snus

  • so many memes can be made with this vid( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  • Oh papa this is very hard feel *smacks against his cheek*

  • 3:40 Gf “Yeah I’ll swallow this time.” Reality